Prospects for medium-sized enterprises

Analysis, evaluation and strategy development

Cornelius Geber analyses and evaluates growth-oriented companies. Working closely together with managing directors, he develops strategies and concepts to secure the future of companies and economic growth in a global market.

Many classic medium-sized enterprises face challenges that require the advice of an expert if they are to be overcome. How can the ownership succession be taken care of? Which operational strategies can be used to secure further growth? How does a company achieve internationalisation? Does it make sense to float on the stock market and is it a feasible option? What is the way to win over investors?

Managing directors or owners concerned with these kinds of questions will find an extremely accomplished strategic consultant in Cornelius Geber and potential investors in the CG Beteiligungs- und Management-Gesellschaften private equity investment and management companies.

The focus is on companies associated with the logistics sector and many other kinds of sectors that produce added value. Examples include IT service providers, return logistics providers or providers of various other kinds of value-adding services associated with logistics. A solidly structured business and an annual turnover ranging from at least 30 million Euros to far beyond are prerequisites for cooperation and a possible private equity investment in the company.

Strategic consulting and concept development start with the formulation of a business plan and a forecast of the company's development over the next five to seven years. This information is used to perform an in-depth analysis and critical evaluation of the current situation and the prospects of the company.

Should there be a desire to expand into foreign markets, Cornelius Geber is able to identify suitable business partners for his clients and discreetly bring both parties together thanks to his close contacts with important international networks.

His private equity investment and management companies, CG Beteiligungs- und Management-Gesellschaften, enable him to offer, if required, a private equity investment in the company to finance organic or inorganic company growth.